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'Some Star Kids Don't Even Audition': Actress Amyra Dastur Brings Up Nepotism Debate Again

Despite Karan Johar declaring that he has developed Nepo-Spasm, which is a typical “pain in the neck” for him with all puns intended, the controversy doesn’t seem to die down for him.

The latest newcomer to join the fray is Amyra Dastur who has said that most star kids were selected even without the mandatory audition.  “Getting that debut film is definitely harder than someone who has got a known last name. I mean some star kids don’t even audition… I think one gains more respect from the general public as well when you have no ties to the film background and manage to stand on your own two feet in this industry.”

Amyra said in an interview that there’s no support for the industry and hence most women and men who are coming from outside the Bollywood industry are mentally stronger than the star kids.

“Then there’s the survival aspect which again is definitely harder for someone who is not a part of the industry. If your first film does badly, there’s no guarantee of the second film. There’s no one to shield you from the dark side of the industry either. But I feel that’s why outsiders are stronger mentally as well.”

“You just have to be. Only you can take care of yourself and only you can push yourself to do better and work harder and make someone believe in your talent,” she said.

Talking about the pressures of being an actress, Amyra said: “What aren’t the pressures of being an actress? Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It has been my one and only dream but it’s scary. There’s a certain lifestyle and image one has to live up to or face the criticism which is quite harsh and cruel.”

Updated: October 31, 2018 — 7:26 am
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